Serious Shit: Homosexuality
Yeah, I'm tackling serious shit like this. I welcome arguments, not bashing. Bashing's for pissed off little pussies.
Now, I do add a bit of humor now and then, but that's just because I'm allowing what I say and think to just...flow. Don't get mad if I start calling the Jonas Brother's gay, by now you'll see from my other posts that that's my sick sense of irony and humor.

Homosexuality's always been sort of bashed in the head with an iron pole. Immoral, unclean, disgusting,  and corrupting are common phrases used by gay-haters. I myself have a girlfriend, and aren't gay, but what's the big fucking deal? People like the Jonas Brothers, but they probably enjoy incest. I always chuckle when people cringe at the mere mention of two men holding hands, and yes, they DO cringe. 

Heterosexuality was accepted more because a) a majority of the world is hetero, and b) it's the way that the human race will keep on going. But let's say 15% of the population is gay - who gives a rat's ass? They're helping out by deceasing overpopulation. We only say that gay is wrong because we want everyone to conform. But then the world becomes like 1984, and we all wear jumpsuits and are eaten by rats when we become belligerent. There's nothing wrong with a little change.

People who quote the Bible have their argument rooted in a seedy book that's quite possibly a fable. I was raised Catholic, but even I found that most of the things in there have to be taken with a grain of salt. People use passages that say (along the lines of) 'You shall not lie with the same sex' 'Marriage with the same sex is a sin against Him', or 'Fuck the Gays', but the Bible also holds a passage that I regret I don't remember the book - I know it's within the Pentateuch (totally Wiki'd that name). It states that it's permissible to have slaves under your employ, and it directs the slaves to pray for your master, because they were kind enough to buy you and own you legally. So for all of those people who set their heart by the Bible, I'd love to hear your slaves' opinions about their oppression.

Legally, the United States has not recognized fully that homosexuality is an allocated practice, and (I believe) fewer than 10 accept it. I'm thrilled that Massachusetts has allowed gay marriage. Let's look back at our fine country's past. Starting from it's cultivation, the US has had plantations where slaves laboured with no pay and few benefits. I'm sure that there were some slaves who got a good family that treated them respectably, but they were still FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL to do this. After all, the government was benefitting from the money bought. It took the Emancipation Proclamation to realize that those oppressors were wrong, and even there they didn't quite let it go. But let go they had to, and slaves were allowed to be citizens in our county. EVen after this, segregation was a huge obstacle, with blacks FORED AGAINST THEIR WILL to drink from different fountains, go to different schools, sit in designated seats on buses, and many other demeaning things. It was awhile before african-americans were accepted, and even today there's still racist tensions.

In the same vein, women have been segregated against for thousands of years. From ancient cultures to modern day society, women have been shoved into the corner of life and FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL (by society and its standards) to stay home while the husband (or wife?) did all the work. It was during the mass-deployment during the World Wars that women got a chance do to anything in a workplace - phone companies, auto shops, and the like. And even today, while it's only recently been allowed for women to serve in Armed Forces, there is tension.

So do these stories sound familiar? Slaves were FORCED to work, and they gained freedom. Blacks were FORCED to use different facilities and worldly functions, and they were granted acceptance (for the most part). Women have been demeaned for thousands of years, and they've now been given the same rights. Gays have been FORCED to not get married, and express the same love that a man and a women share with each other, and they...well, I think it's pretty clear by now.

Besides, lesbians? TURN ON!(I apologize profusely for those offended by my side-remarks like lesbians, Jonas Bros. bashing, and the such. It's only in there because I legit did not stop typing since I started, except to fix spelling. I apologize to all people...except the Westboro Baptist CHurch. They're getting their own separate, profanity-laced article all to themselves. The fuckers.)

 Wow, what a weekend. So last I posted was Friday? meh, none of you care...all zero of you.

So I had a fucking great time on Saturday. The party itself lasted nearly 24 hours, which is a pretty good stat. A few people slept over, and we just made fun of teachers (or impersonated teacher shitting on students' lives, either or). The moonwalk was easily tipped over in one go, and the pool was ready for game time despite it having green algae and leaves the day before. Then some guys got some stuff and things happened and I don't remember it but it was good.

Then Sunday, we counted up the grad money, and not to be specific or cocky, but I was able to get the best 15' MacBook Pro I could get (which is where I'm typing from!). I installed Steam, Chrome, VLC, Speed download, Final Cut Express, and all the good shit that makes Mac better than Windows and Linux. I redid my enitre iTunes from scratch - a wise choice, because after clearing out my Mac Mini, I realized I had over 20 gigs of music I had never listened to. Damn.

OS4 was released today, too, so my iPhone can run Pandora at the same time as other apps! WOOHOO! Folders is interesting, and since I have sort-of-OCD it'll help out, but I prefer just putting all my apps in alphabetical order. The backgrounds ar nice too. Yeah, if you haven't figured out, or are as dumb as shit, I'm a Macbitch. And proud of it! I've had a MacMini since 2004, with a replaced harddrive and RAM sticks. I once ran off of a 56-gig hd with 512-mb RAM, and then upgraded to 500-gig hd with 2-gig RAM. What a differene. I also have an iPhone, and my desk has an Apple carved into it. I <3 Mac.

Tomorrow's orientation for college! Got all my shit packed with much hassle, but I'm fucking stoked! I've been talking about the college itself with a bunch of people on Facebook I met with a group for the 2014 class, and it's gonna be great. Tuesday's kind of a 'know your school' day, Wednesday's a mock class and some chill time, then Thursday's registering for classes and all of the official stuff for next year. Still haven't found my roommate, I hope he's gonna be there, because I need to know if I need to bring the tv, Xbox, bong, funnel, etc.. Once again, I may be off unti Thursday, so if I don't post, I'll probably be having fucking fun without all zero of you.

As a little ting, I'm gonna be giving you guys suggestions for music. I've noticed I've been delving back to my favourite bands from like 5th grade or so, and I hope you late-80's/early-90's kids will enjoy the nostalgia lovefest. Right now I'm enjoying Yellowcard. THey're a sick band that just kinda died away, but their shit's solid. ATM I'm listening to 'City of Devils' from Lights and Sounds, and it's magical. 

Later fags.

#2 - Penultimate Day of Childhood
Yessir,  I'll legally be an adult tomorrow! Now suddenly I need to be aware of jailbait. Meh, I'll just watch some To Catch a Predator and be all set. Tomorrow's party is a combo birthday and graduation party, so there's a minimum of 70 people coming. We have several acres of land, so space isn't an issue. Plus, we got catering from two different places, as well as 5 24-packs of Pepsi; the booze run will be made tomorrow; the pool is being shocked and deleafed to hell as we speak; the moonwalk comes between 8 and 12 tomorrow; it's gonna be fucking awesome. The <Saigon> family parties are nothing short of spectacular - two years ago, at 3rd Brother Saigon's grad party, some guy went skinny-dipping in the pool, then ran into the moonwalk bare-ass naked, and passed out. That party lasted three days, literally.

I got a call from my college's orientation leader reminding me to bring all my shit for 3-days 2-nights. He reminded me to bring 'my 700 number', but I think I misunderstood him as he was saying 'Social Security number'. It's still way too many syllables, but whatever, it's fucking college. I also should bring my laptop 'to get it registered', but I don't have one yet. That's at a later time (August? Tomorrow? Never?).

E3 also ended recently. Literally the biggest day for gaming, E3 is where developers show off the upcoming greatness us lowly serfs can expect in the next few years. Of course, they all see us as cash cows, but I'll moo occasionally if it means Portal 2. My top 3 favorite games showcased were Portal 2 (released on Mac, updated graphics, insane puzzles, more GLaDoS!), Fallout: New Vegas (same look, new weapons with modding! Retur to the West Coast, and more target practice with the fucking Enclave radios), and Star Fox 64 DS, which is a game I was praying for to be remade for YEARS. The biggest disappointment was Skyward Sword. Now, before haters start trolling, let me say that OoT is my favourite game EVER, and the Zelda franchise is the best in the industry. Miyamoto may have had some interference, I can't expect a God to be perfect every day, but the look is just not the direction I was expecting. The 1:1 controls are quite impressive (ABOUT TIME NINTENDO!), but I feel that they're focusing too much on it, and not enough on things like graphics, story (can't be sure since there hasn't been a mention of it), or items (the bug thing is a combo boomerang and pelican from WW). I can live with the cartoon look, WW pulled it off fantastically, but I don't know if blending this style and the more serious tones of the other console entries is gonna go down well. It just doesn't look like it'll have a good story that is immersing.
Plus, I live in New England, so I couldn't make it again. If it came even as close as Pennsylvania, I'd go in a heartbeat, but there are some people who are going to the Baltimore Otakon that I really don't wanna see, so I'm probably not gonna go (doesn't it help to be a fan of anime/manga to go to it?), because they will quite honestly ruin the experience for me. But who knows?

I'm using LiveJournal to shit on bad manga chapters now. I follow Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Reborn, Psyren, and am starting D.Gray Man (he's trying to get his arm back after fighting the Noah family member), FMA (Like chapter 4 lol) and History's Strongest Disciple Kennichi (Kennichi beats the kid in the bamboo forest).
Now, Naruto is basically this: In the ninja world, a 5-foot tall red demon fox with nine tails wrecks havoc on the world. It kills around 100 ninja without batting an eyelash, and it takes the sacrifice of the mos powerful ninja in the village to seal half of its power in the body of his just-born son. 
16 years later, the son, Naruto, is fighting the fox in his mind. Just as he's about to become consumed by evil and go apeshit on the world, the memory of his dead mother re-invigorates him. Now, this already happened with his father, so it's semi-plausible (I still think it's bullshit, but that's not the point). So this 16-year old kid basically goes apeshit on the fox. He (essentially) locks it up and can access its power whenever he wants now. Yes, a 16-year old kid takes down the giant fox that killed 100 ninja, in about 30 seconds. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!??!
For all of those people who are like "But he was in sage mode! He used the super-powered Rasangan with 20 clones! Raa!" then that's Kishimoto being lazy. I'm sorry, but in the opening for the first episode, I didn't see anyone using any sort of elemental jutsu or any form of genjutsu against the fox. Was this kid the only one who knew he was a ninja?! I'm sure there are other factors, too, like how the fox only has half of its chakra or whatever, but it shouldn't have been so easy to knock it down. Then Kushina pulls the chain to knock the fox down, so Naruto uses a jutsu in his body that no one has ever seen or heard of, and traps it. But now next chapter we get to hear from ghost-Kushina about how she was the former Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki. 

So I guess this is a blog? Fine, I'll give it a try. Not like I'm gonna drop it in about a week.
So I'm Saigon. That's really how everyone knows me - all my friends, even teachers, call me Saigon. There's no story behind it, it's just a nickname. Some kid in my school had mono for two weeks in middle school, and when he came back, he just started calling me Saigon. I blame...mononucleosis? Whatever.
So my birthday is on Saturday. Really looking forward to that. I'm having my graduation party on Saturday, too, so I guess the money spent on a dumpster, catering, moonwalk (or moonbounce? Seriously, who the fuck calls it a moonbounce?), pool supplies, decorations, and all that shit would be my present. Not that I'm complaining, it's really thoughtful of my family.
Finally got my move-in date for college - August 26!! Although the letter they sent me said I was a part of the class of 2013...I'm 2014 though. I hope it's a typo, because that's the best year of college missed. I also got my roommate...but I never got a phone or email, and he's not on Facebook or *shudders* Myspace. All I got was an address in New York. I live outside of Boston, so I gotta write a letter to him. WTF? I don't know the last time I wrote a letter. I didn't even write the last one! My work needed me to sign some forums for them, so they sent me pre-writ papers and an already filled out letter complete with stamp. All I did was sign and lick. TWSS.
And now my right eye has been bloodshot for three days now. Fuck. Not only is it kinda awkward to explain, but the weird thing is that my LEFT eye hurts. Yeah. Two fucked up eyes. That's my curse for being the only one in my family that DOESN'T wear glasses, I guess.
I saw the A-Team and Splice last night. They were shit. A-Team was a cheesey action movie with special effects I could have made in Final Cut - They just looked so fucking fake! The plot was loose and confusing, because there were like 3 bad guys, and one of them was named Lynch, which was also the name of ANOTHER character introduced  legit 1 minute before the movie ended. D+. Splice had a very interesting plot, but some things got in the way. Like when the moving pieces of shit (No other way to describe them) fucking stabbed each other to death! The glass case they were in fell and shattered, spilling the blood on the bystanders that were expecting them to mate. Some people sitting behind me got pissed off, because I couldn't stop laughing. The leads, Mitch and Elsa, were believable characters, except that they can't make up their mind on the biological 'miracle' they call Dren (Nerd backwards *facepalm*). Mitch wants to kill it, Elsa wants to keep it. Then Mitch wants to keep it, and Elsa wants to kill it. Probably the most fucked up thing about the movie is when Dren and Mitch start having sex. Now, Dren is made from a combo of two human cell tissues,one of them Elsa's, so technically Mitch was cheating on Elsa with Elsa's...clone? daughter? sister? pet? THEN IT CHANGES GENDER AND RAPES/IMPREGNATES ELSA. A man and a woman have heterosexual sex with the same being. Yeah. The effect for Dren was very good, but the movie went into that "Don't go there!" realm. D+/C-.
So that's it. Maybe I'll make another one later? Doubtful.


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