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 Wow, what a weekend. So last I posted was Friday? meh, none of you care...all zero of you.

So I had a fucking great time on Saturday. The party itself lasted nearly 24 hours, which is a pretty good stat. A few people slept over, and we just made fun of teachers (or impersonated teacher shitting on students' lives, either or). The moonwalk was easily tipped over in one go, and the pool was ready for game time despite it having green algae and leaves the day before. Then some guys got some stuff and things happened and I don't remember it but it was good.

Then Sunday, we counted up the grad money, and not to be specific or cocky, but I was able to get the best 15' MacBook Pro I could get (which is where I'm typing from!). I installed Steam, Chrome, VLC, Speed download, Final Cut Express, and all the good shit that makes Mac better than Windows and Linux. I redid my enitre iTunes from scratch - a wise choice, because after clearing out my Mac Mini, I realized I had over 20 gigs of music I had never listened to. Damn.

OS4 was released today, too, so my iPhone can run Pandora at the same time as other apps! WOOHOO! Folders is interesting, and since I have sort-of-OCD it'll help out, but I prefer just putting all my apps in alphabetical order. The backgrounds ar nice too. Yeah, if you haven't figured out, or are as dumb as shit, I'm a Macbitch. And proud of it! I've had a MacMini since 2004, with a replaced harddrive and RAM sticks. I once ran off of a 56-gig hd with 512-mb RAM, and then upgraded to 500-gig hd with 2-gig RAM. What a differene. I also have an iPhone, and my desk has an Apple carved into it. I <3 Mac.

Tomorrow's orientation for college! Got all my shit packed with much hassle, but I'm fucking stoked! I've been talking about the college itself with a bunch of people on Facebook I met with a group for the 2014 class, and it's gonna be great. Tuesday's kind of a 'know your school' day, Wednesday's a mock class and some chill time, then Thursday's registering for classes and all of the official stuff for next year. Still haven't found my roommate, I hope he's gonna be there, because I need to know if I need to bring the tv, Xbox, bong, funnel, etc.. Once again, I may be off unti Thursday, so if I don't post, I'll probably be having fucking fun without all zero of you.

As a little ting, I'm gonna be giving you guys suggestions for music. I've noticed I've been delving back to my favourite bands from like 5th grade or so, and I hope you late-80's/early-90's kids will enjoy the nostalgia lovefest. Right now I'm enjoying Yellowcard. THey're a sick band that just kinda died away, but their shit's solid. ATM I'm listening to 'City of Devils' from Lights and Sounds, and it's magical. 

Later fags.


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