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Serious Shit: Homosexuality
Yeah, I'm tackling serious shit like this. I welcome arguments, not bashing. Bashing's for pissed off little pussies.
Now, I do add a bit of humor now and then, but that's just because I'm allowing what I say and think to just...flow. Don't get mad if I start calling the Jonas Brother's gay, by now you'll see from my other posts that that's my sick sense of irony and humor.

Homosexuality's always been sort of bashed in the head with an iron pole. Immoral, unclean, disgusting,  and corrupting are common phrases used by gay-haters. I myself have a girlfriend, and aren't gay, but what's the big fucking deal? People like the Jonas Brothers, but they probably enjoy incest. I always chuckle when people cringe at the mere mention of two men holding hands, and yes, they DO cringe. 

Heterosexuality was accepted more because a) a majority of the world is hetero, and b) it's the way that the human race will keep on going. But let's say 15% of the population is gay - who gives a rat's ass? They're helping out by deceasing overpopulation. We only say that gay is wrong because we want everyone to conform. But then the world becomes like 1984, and we all wear jumpsuits and are eaten by rats when we become belligerent. There's nothing wrong with a little change.

People who quote the Bible have their argument rooted in a seedy book that's quite possibly a fable. I was raised Catholic, but even I found that most of the things in there have to be taken with a grain of salt. People use passages that say (along the lines of) 'You shall not lie with the same sex' 'Marriage with the same sex is a sin against Him', or 'Fuck the Gays', but the Bible also holds a passage that I regret I don't remember the book - I know it's within the Pentateuch (totally Wiki'd that name). It states that it's permissible to have slaves under your employ, and it directs the slaves to pray for your master, because they were kind enough to buy you and own you legally. So for all of those people who set their heart by the Bible, I'd love to hear your slaves' opinions about their oppression.

Legally, the United States has not recognized fully that homosexuality is an allocated practice, and (I believe) fewer than 10 accept it. I'm thrilled that Massachusetts has allowed gay marriage. Let's look back at our fine country's past. Starting from it's cultivation, the US has had plantations where slaves laboured with no pay and few benefits. I'm sure that there were some slaves who got a good family that treated them respectably, but they were still FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL to do this. After all, the government was benefitting from the money bought. It took the Emancipation Proclamation to realize that those oppressors were wrong, and even there they didn't quite let it go. But let go they had to, and slaves were allowed to be citizens in our county. EVen after this, segregation was a huge obstacle, with blacks FORED AGAINST THEIR WILL to drink from different fountains, go to different schools, sit in designated seats on buses, and many other demeaning things. It was awhile before african-americans were accepted, and even today there's still racist tensions.

In the same vein, women have been segregated against for thousands of years. From ancient cultures to modern day society, women have been shoved into the corner of life and FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL (by society and its standards) to stay home while the husband (or wife?) did all the work. It was during the mass-deployment during the World Wars that women got a chance do to anything in a workplace - phone companies, auto shops, and the like. And even today, while it's only recently been allowed for women to serve in Armed Forces, there is tension.

So do these stories sound familiar? Slaves were FORCED to work, and they gained freedom. Blacks were FORCED to use different facilities and worldly functions, and they were granted acceptance (for the most part). Women have been demeaned for thousands of years, and they've now been given the same rights. Gays have been FORCED to not get married, and express the same love that a man and a women share with each other, and they...well, I think it's pretty clear by now.

Besides, lesbians? TURN ON!(I apologize profusely for those offended by my side-remarks like lesbians, Jonas Bros. bashing, and the such. It's only in there because I legit did not stop typing since I started, except to fix spelling. I apologize to all people...except the Westboro Baptist CHurch. They're getting their own separate, profanity-laced article all to themselves. The fuckers.)


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