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So I guess this is a blog? Fine, I'll give it a try. Not like I'm gonna drop it in about a week.
So I'm Saigon. That's really how everyone knows me - all my friends, even teachers, call me Saigon. There's no story behind it, it's just a nickname. Some kid in my school had mono for two weeks in middle school, and when he came back, he just started calling me Saigon. I blame...mononucleosis? Whatever.
So my birthday is on Saturday. Really looking forward to that. I'm having my graduation party on Saturday, too, so I guess the money spent on a dumpster, catering, moonwalk (or moonbounce? Seriously, who the fuck calls it a moonbounce?), pool supplies, decorations, and all that shit would be my present. Not that I'm complaining, it's really thoughtful of my family.
Finally got my move-in date for college - August 26!! Although the letter they sent me said I was a part of the class of 2013...I'm 2014 though. I hope it's a typo, because that's the best year of college missed. I also got my roommate...but I never got a phone or email, and he's not on Facebook or *shudders* Myspace. All I got was an address in New York. I live outside of Boston, so I gotta write a letter to him. WTF? I don't know the last time I wrote a letter. I didn't even write the last one! My work needed me to sign some forums for them, so they sent me pre-writ papers and an already filled out letter complete with stamp. All I did was sign and lick. TWSS.
And now my right eye has been bloodshot for three days now. Fuck. Not only is it kinda awkward to explain, but the weird thing is that my LEFT eye hurts. Yeah. Two fucked up eyes. That's my curse for being the only one in my family that DOESN'T wear glasses, I guess.
I saw the A-Team and Splice last night. They were shit. A-Team was a cheesey action movie with special effects I could have made in Final Cut - They just looked so fucking fake! The plot was loose and confusing, because there were like 3 bad guys, and one of them was named Lynch, which was also the name of ANOTHER character introduced  legit 1 minute before the movie ended. D+. Splice had a very interesting plot, but some things got in the way. Like when the moving pieces of shit (No other way to describe them) fucking stabbed each other to death! The glass case they were in fell and shattered, spilling the blood on the bystanders that were expecting them to mate. Some people sitting behind me got pissed off, because I couldn't stop laughing. The leads, Mitch and Elsa, were believable characters, except that they can't make up their mind on the biological 'miracle' they call Dren (Nerd backwards *facepalm*). Mitch wants to kill it, Elsa wants to keep it. Then Mitch wants to keep it, and Elsa wants to kill it. Probably the most fucked up thing about the movie is when Dren and Mitch start having sex. Now, Dren is made from a combo of two human cell tissues,one of them Elsa's, so technically Mitch was cheating on Elsa with Elsa's...clone? daughter? sister? pet? THEN IT CHANGES GENDER AND RAPES/IMPREGNATES ELSA. A man and a woman have heterosexual sex with the same being. Yeah. The effect for Dren was very good, but the movie went into that "Don't go there!" realm. D+/C-.
So that's it. Maybe I'll make another one later? Doubtful.


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