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#2 - Penultimate Day of Childhood
Yessir,  I'll legally be an adult tomorrow! Now suddenly I need to be aware of jailbait. Meh, I'll just watch some To Catch a Predator and be all set. Tomorrow's party is a combo birthday and graduation party, so there's a minimum of 70 people coming. We have several acres of land, so space isn't an issue. Plus, we got catering from two different places, as well as 5 24-packs of Pepsi; the booze run will be made tomorrow; the pool is being shocked and deleafed to hell as we speak; the moonwalk comes between 8 and 12 tomorrow; it's gonna be fucking awesome. The <Saigon> family parties are nothing short of spectacular - two years ago, at 3rd Brother Saigon's grad party, some guy went skinny-dipping in the pool, then ran into the moonwalk bare-ass naked, and passed out. That party lasted three days, literally.

I got a call from my college's orientation leader reminding me to bring all my shit for 3-days 2-nights. He reminded me to bring 'my 700 number', but I think I misunderstood him as he was saying 'Social Security number'. It's still way too many syllables, but whatever, it's fucking college. I also should bring my laptop 'to get it registered', but I don't have one yet. That's at a later time (August? Tomorrow? Never?).

E3 also ended recently. Literally the biggest day for gaming, E3 is where developers show off the upcoming greatness us lowly serfs can expect in the next few years. Of course, they all see us as cash cows, but I'll moo occasionally if it means Portal 2. My top 3 favorite games showcased were Portal 2 (released on Mac, updated graphics, insane puzzles, more GLaDoS!), Fallout: New Vegas (same look, new weapons with modding! Retur to the West Coast, and more target practice with the fucking Enclave radios), and Star Fox 64 DS, which is a game I was praying for to be remade for YEARS. The biggest disappointment was Skyward Sword. Now, before haters start trolling, let me say that OoT is my favourite game EVER, and the Zelda franchise is the best in the industry. Miyamoto may have had some interference, I can't expect a God to be perfect every day, but the look is just not the direction I was expecting. The 1:1 controls are quite impressive (ABOUT TIME NINTENDO!), but I feel that they're focusing too much on it, and not enough on things like graphics, story (can't be sure since there hasn't been a mention of it), or items (the bug thing is a combo boomerang and pelican from WW). I can live with the cartoon look, WW pulled it off fantastically, but I don't know if blending this style and the more serious tones of the other console entries is gonna go down well. It just doesn't look like it'll have a good story that is immersing.
Plus, I live in New England, so I couldn't make it again. If it came even as close as Pennsylvania, I'd go in a heartbeat, but there are some people who are going to the Baltimore Otakon that I really don't wanna see, so I'm probably not gonna go (doesn't it help to be a fan of anime/manga to go to it?), because they will quite honestly ruin the experience for me. But who knows?


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